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Hi, I'm Coach Sharm. These supplements serve as a superb complement to your weight loss plan - you'll shave 300 to 600 calories EACH day, which will help you get that negative caloric balance that you want.

Let's get started with this Pak!

Here's the strategy. We'll go with this plan for 3 months and review this plan after. The package above contains 6 packs of IsaShakes and all other important supplements to help you lose weight - enough for one month. By joining Isagenix's member and autoship program, they will deliver it to your doorstep monthly - you can pick and choose your item's using their app (after being a member) or CANCEL ANYTIME.

Side note: By joining them as an associate (member), you'll be getting the products at wholesale prices . Retail prices are 20 to 25% more, fyi.

The above pack is for one month, they will send you a new pack the month after.‚Äč

Upon purchase, please refer to this guide on how to consume them.

How to order?

Coach Sharm will help you order. 

(A) Please whatsapp Sharm images of
1) Identification Card (Front)
2) Identification Card (Back)
3) Credit Card (Front)
4) Credit Card (Back)

(B) Let him know
5) Inform Sharm your preferred time of delivery is best
6) Your email address
7) Preferred login name (for future orders)
8) Your preferred shake flavour - Chocolate or Vanillla
9) Your preferred beverage flavour - Lime or Orange

Coach Sharm's contact information:

SMS / Whatsapp : +65 91090995
Email Address :

What to do after getting your Pak?

Keep it simple. Replace one meal with one shake. You'll save 200-300 calories. For those who are looking for quicker results, you can replace 2 meals.

Tell Coach Sharm about your progress - even if it means ever hour of texting him - you know he loves chatting with you ;) 

If you have any issues, ideas or feedback of any kind - just contact Coach Sharm for a chat!